Sep. 16th, 2010

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Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie.

Unfortunelty, not the version from the movie, its a person playing it in this video. But i LOVE the theme from Independence day.

Day 23: Your favorite duet.

I'm going to define this as a duet.

The Confrontation-Les Miserables

Day 24: Your favorite cover song.
New Found Glory- My Heart Will Go On

Day 25: One of the Songs released in 2010 that you like

So to be truthful I had to look at lists of songs that came out in 2010. I really don't listen to the radio or anything so the new music I find is based on things that ppl put in their LJ or DW entries, facebook links, etc. So I was bopping around and then found that Blue Gillespie
released Synesthesia in 2010. I for some reason even though I normally detest this genre of music heart their song Black Waltz. (just as a side note, I really only like 3 of their songs and would never have heard ANY of their music if it weren't for a comment on a post either by [profile] thepyromanical1 or in [profile] tw_gleeclub )

Black Waltz

The song in a much easiser to hear thing
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What I love about some of the stuff I've read in the sherlock ficpromty thing I've been reading:

1) Anderson+Dinosaurs= <3 (and slightly creepy sexytimes...the myfanny+Anderson non con prompt squigged me out. Not even the knowledge that it would be a crac! fic and that its like a trainwreck situation you are compelled to read coudl get me to actually read it. )

2)Sherlock texting John during sexytimes :)

3) I now know what demisexual means .

The only thing that makes me kind of sad is that after celebrating that this fandom is relatively new, I realised that because it was new there isn't a boat load of fic. I had a torchwood obsession with fic that lasted from March/Aprish-about 2 weeks ago and I ALWAYS found fic to read. This is atleast an hour of fic reading a night.
I'm still finding sherlock fic now, but what about in a month or so?

I am going to rewatch the first ep of Sherlock tonight. Twill be great fun :)
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The plus of being obsessed about a sci-fi fantasy show is that when you read fic that has adults being turned into children, or MPREG or genderswap, or can't function without the other because they've bonded or telepathy or immortality or time travel or the existence of aliens. Alien technology, spells, Badwolf, future human evolution, all of those make it possible. The fandoms I"ve been in for the most part have allowed for suspension of belief or didn't need to ask for it. (except for that one west wing werewolf fic that caused me to become obsessed with Josh/Sam).
I'd never really read fic that had a cannon universe that didn't have magic, that still wanted there to be magical stuff.
Ballyk never tried to pull that stuff on me. Studio 60 and Sports night were just angsty or slashy or episode like usually. Josh/Sam fics adopted or had a surrogate mother, they never got preggers. Assumpta lived or died, she wasn't imortal or had alien technology bring her back.

But now I'm reading Sherlock prompts and fics where Sherlock is immortal or John is up the duff or Sherlock can see the future or John can read minds. They aren't crossover fic, they are set in the "normal London" universe. I hadn't realized what level of comfort and suspension of belief a sci-fi show can give you while reading about telepathy and immortality.

Its frankly a bit jarring to read a fic where John gets pregnant. Jack? No Problem. Ianto? No Problem because either alien technology or Jack's super evolved crazy sperm. Giles? No problem either super Slayer powers or a spell or affect from demon blood. Sherlock has snuff fic that is you know actually snuff, not Ianto went a bit too far and then Jack comes back from the dead.

It's jarring but still fun to read about.

This has been on my mind for a couple of days now. Where I work I frequently don't have much to add to the discussions my coworkers are having, so I think a lot. And I don't have anyone to have this convo with in real life b/c Nick always laughs at/makes fun of fic that I read.


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