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It has been so long since I have been in a fandom that is active and new. Where all the fan fiction is only at most 2 months old. Or at least the fiction that is based on this particular rendition.

Starting in march this year I went headfirst into a crazy torchwood binge. I had watched the show before and done a little bit of fic reading (I watched most of COE as it aired) but I spent at least 2 or 3 hours a day reading fic or reading something fandom related. But I felt like I jumped on the wagon too late.

Then Sherlock came along. I am a late joiner, I just watched it last week. And I know that its not really a new story, its a modernization and lots of tweaks. But it feels new to me.

I dont' know why fandom is so important to me right now. I would guess some of it is that I don't really spend a lot of time with other people now, besides my coworkers. I don't have constant interaction about entertainment that I like except through online or with my fiance. My coworkers are wonderful, they just don't have the same interests as far as entertainment that I do. When I first started working there apparently no one knew what to talk to me about (Meagan, my boss, likes to tell me these things for some reason. And how if I had not sent the thank you letter emails that I did after my first interview I would never have received teh job offer). I mesh with a certain type of person I don't have that type of person in my day to day life right now. So I'm filling it with fandom. I know I am and for now I'm okay with that.

For instance: All the meme stuff I found for torchwood (except for one kinkymeme fic fest) was over years ago. There is still a vibrant bustling fandom, full of cosplays and ficathons and stuff, but with no new Cannon Content stuff gets recycled a lot. And with the whole COE thing and season 2 finale there is a crap ton of fix it fic and LA LA LA What is this COE you speak of. I kind of like

True blood is still going on, but I have ZERO interest in the fandom for that. I do wonder if some of the reason I was like SHERLOCK YEAH *joins every LJ community* *dives into all the fanfic she can find* is the fact that there is a heavy J/S component which I just didn't find in True blood. I have a love/hate thing going about Bill and Sookie, Sam annoys me, Tara's mother makes me see red. The only thing I truly ADORE like clap my hands and squee when I see it is Jessica/Hoyt stuff. I have read two of the books teh show is based on and while not horrid, there are fanfics that I enjoyed way better.
I worry that some of my adoration of Sherlock is the totally ship I have for John and Sherlock. I don't know if I would love it as much if there wasn't that ship there. Which makes me uneasy for some reason. I don't know why.


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