Oct. 15th, 2010 08:58 am
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I adore this waaaay more than I should. It is vulgar but amazing.
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SO...I'm at the airport just gotten through security. They randomly searched my laptop. Not gonna lie, freaked out about that. I being the silly person I am was like "Umm if Im allowed to ask, Whatcha doin'"? Literally those exact words. They were doing a check for explosives. I kind of wonder if it was all the stickers on the outside of my laptop ;) I totally forgot that I would have to take off my shoes...mismatching socks for the win :) All the cool kids have blue socks on one foot and white on the other. *is hungry* The security at Portland was wonderful and nice as normal :)

There is a flight boarding on the gate beside us. They have people with too much baggage, and keep asking people if they would like to check their baggage and then that if they have small items to please store them under the seat in front of them instead of the overhead compartment...somebody forgot the idea that they cant have as much baggage as they want. ;)

So I think Im done for now, I dont have a ton of battery power.
Hopefully our plane flight will go well. Praying for that actually.

So Im in JFK right now.
I played WoW for a bit, made a human paladin. I ate some tasty food signed for my receipt with a TD Bank pen ( I was hoping that maybe they'd have a bank in the terminal...they don't. The cashier had brought it from home)

I have a 2ish hour flight ahead of me, so I'm going to do some podcast listening. Twill be awesome :)

I love this mashup, Tik Tok with Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
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This is Andrew Mayne talking about how illusionists can create opportunities for themselves.
Though this isn't just about magic it has points that can be brought over to other places. There is an amusing rant about linking rings. I was entertained for the whole time and frankly I'm not that into magic.

Plus I love the fact that he answers random questions. Should I use magic to ask a girl to homecoming? Dude did you ever get tacos last week and what type were they? And of course serious questions.

also...anyone who opens using the Doctor Who theme makes me happy...though it goes on for over a minute so you can skip the first minute of the video.


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